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Choice of pots
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Author:  Arctic71N [ Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Choice of pots

To keep it simple: My very best pots are my 8mm thick stainless steel pots with aluminum core in the 3-layer bottom. This core makes for a good, even distribution of heat. With this thick bottom there is no need for teflon or other non-stick materials that peel off after some time in the field. The food does not burn stuck to it. That is, a little bit more concern is needed by minding the heat. But hey, that's what a chef does, right?:) My stainless steel pots also lasts forever it seems. They have been cleaned with grass full of sand and are just as shiny.

Having learned of the toxicity of pure aluminum pots, I have thrown them away. The added weight of 0.5kg/1 pound for both pots I can live with. Aluminum oxide not so very much.

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