Q:What are the steps to install a Quietstove Burner into my stove?

A:Remove the flame spreader plate and set the Quietstove Burner in the stove's bell housing.  To remove the burner wait for it to completely cool down and then pull it out of the bell housing.

Q:Why is my Quietstove Burner stuck in the bell housing of my stove?

A:This happened when the bell housing expanded as it was heated.  The burner likely slipped down in to the bell housing just a bit.  When the bell housing cooled, it then gripped the Quietstove Burner.  If you would like to remove the Quietstove Burner you can heat up the stove again.  Turn it off and remove the Quietstove Burner with a pair of pilers or similar tool.  You may want to place a damp cloth on the Muter so that your piler jaws do not dimple or scratch the Quietstove Burner face/holes.

Q:Are bulk sales available?

A:Yes.  Please contact us with details of your variety selections and lot size.

Q:I would like a custom name embossed on a particular burner.   Do you offer customization services? 

A:Yes.  Please contact us with details of your request and lot size.   

Q:Is shipping available outside of the United States?

A:Yes, and only to destinations allowed by US Law.  

Q:Can my order on the customs form be marked as a gift?

A: No.

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